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Accountability and Leadership Coaching for Small Business Owners, Executives, and Professionals

Not making any progress in your goals? Here's how improving your personal development will advance your goals. 

Personal Life Coaching 

Hi! I'm Christine Hourd, your Personal Life Coach and I specialize in accountability and leadership coaching for small business owners, executives, and professionals in management positions. The major life changes you'll achieve through my coaching is in this list, although there are many other transformations that will take place in all areas of your life. Please visit the testimonials, as well, find more details below for each of the coaching focuses you'll experience during the sessions. Take care!

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety at Work and Home

  • Increase Self-Confidence

  • Enhanced Communication Skills

  • Engaging Personal & Professional Relationships

  • Setting Personal Boundaries

  • Work Life Balance

  • Achieving Ambitious Goals

  • More Accountable to Commitments

  • Greater Self-Control

  • Healthier Lifestyle Habits

  • Increased Income

  • Improved Decision Making

  • Set Standards for an Abundant Life

  • Increase Self-Awareness

  • Better Financial Management

  • Clear on Your Values and Purpose

  • Become a Great Leader & Influencer


Three fundamental areas of your life to receive coaching on for success mastery: goal accountability, work life balance and leadership skills. 


Life goals involving your career, relationship, business, or education will be accelerated with the right accountability coach. 

Studies show that after creating a plan to achieve a goal you have a 50% success rate of completing it. With the support of a certified professional accountability coach, you have up to a 95% chance of reaching your life goals. 

Professional Woman Sitting


Many of my clients come to me frustrated and exhausted because their daily demands rob them of a happy and fulfilling lifestyle and quality relationships. 

This personal coaching addresses the need for more collaboration in your personal and professional life, rather than competing against each other. This results in a work life balance and having more contentment in your life. 

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By focusing on three main areas of leadership: self-control, efficiencies, and decision making skills, you'll begin to notice immediate changes in your soft skills, and how people respond to you.


In addition, focusing on improving your accountability and self-awareness will help you overcome obstacles, so you quickly move into the leadership position you aspire to be in. 


She helped me sort thru some personal and professional issues as well as give me strategies. She was a great listener and I felt comfortable discussing my struggles with her. (Google Review)

Glenn Vergie, Small Business Owner

I've worked with Christine for over a year and found that she is a wonderful listener who can help you to bring your vision to life with a very few insightful questions. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period professionally. I highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for a qualified and inspiring solution focused success coach. (LinkedIn Review)

Zorica Maric, Ph.D

Christine was speaking to my team on a zoom call recently. She was so empathetic and knowledgeable on how to assist them in identifying their goals and investigate what might be holding them back from making their dreams happen. Thank you so much Christine. (LinkedIn Review)

Pamela Kanderka, Small Business Owner


602 16th Avenue NW, Calgary, AB


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