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The Success Model

In Calgary or Online

Focusing on Personal Development for Your Success Mastery

How to Follow Through with Personal and Professional Goals with the Support of Accountability, Lifestyle, and Leadership Coaching

Not making any progress in your goals?
Here's how improving your personal development will advance your goals. 

The Success Model Personal Accountability and Lifestyle Coaching Program

How can you follow through with goals in your professional life without sacrificing the needs in your personal life—and vice versa? There must be a certain degree of balance in order to achieve the desired level of success mastery you want. Taking into consideration all areas of your life, will build a solid foundation to achieve any goal you wish to accomplish. 

What you will gain from accountability and lifestyle coaching is a personal skill set that will have you achieving greater success in all areas of your life: professional pursuits, relationship goals, and enriched personal development.

Ready to get started? Book your Intro to Personal Accountability and Lifestyle Coaching Q&A Session in link below!

Personal Accountability & Lifestyle Coaching 

Hi! I'm Christine Hourd, your Personal Accountability and Lifestyle Coach and I specialize in a combination of accountability, lifestyle and leadership coaching to have you following through on all your life goals. You will benefit from this personal development and accelerate your professional goals, while personal goals, such as relationships and lifestyle will also see much fulfillment. How is this done? By working on one area of your life we'll create parallels to other areas of your life. The major life changes you'll achieve through my coaching is in this list, although there are many other transformations that will take place in all areas of your life. Find more details below for each of the coaching focuses you'll experience during the sessions. Take care!

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety at Work & Home

  • Increased Self-Confidence

  • Enhanced Communication Skills

  • Engaging Professional & Personal Relationships

  • Establish Personal Boundaries

  • Work Life Balance

  • Achieve Ambitious Goals

  • More Accountable to Commitments

  • Greater Self-Control

  • Healthier Lifestyle Habits

  • Increased Income

  • Improved Decision Making

  • Standards for an Abundant Life

  • Increased Self-Awareness

  • Better Financial Management

  • Clear on Your Values and Purpose

  • A Great Leader & Influencer

  • Transition into a New Career or Retirement

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