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I'm Coach Christine


I used to believe that living a life of opportunity and abundance took hard work.

I was wrong.

Allow me to be your ally on this journey to create the life you want. 


Meet Christine Hourd, Personal Accountability & Lifestyle Coach

"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." Nido Qubein

When settling for the life I had was no longer an option

I once believed that my past dictated my future. That was a belief I had to get over, so I could achieve the success I wanted and desired.
There I was in my early 40s pondering the life I had, and if this is the life I must accept. I was in an unhappy marriage with 3 young boys, and scraping by. I was a small business owner, who saw more failures than successes. And I was tired of working hard and long hours, robbing time from my family. And for what? The little progress I was making? 
This stress was negatively impacting my health and my attitude, and I was in a horrible state. I became someone I didn't want to be. 
But then I didn't even know who I wanted to be, or what I wanted!

The moment I decided I needed a life change

There was something pulling at me. I had thoughts and images of a better life for me—somewhere out there—and it was nagged me constantly. As I thought about the life I would love to live, I started to see it as something I wasn't living. It was like I was living a lie, and not being true to who I really was. A couple years later, I ended my marriage and began down a path to fulfill that inner desire to be something more. To be more authentic.

Moving Into a Success Mindset

That decision was made in 2012, and I continue to reinvent myself and embrace the person I am, as I take each step on this journey. That work I had done on myself built up my courage to be uncomfortable and get past the obstacles I threw up in front of myself. I became happier and more fulfilled, and I also saw more opportunities appear because of my change in mindset. I decided to change careers to be in alignment with my purpose. That change began to make a difference in my life, and in my clients' lives. Now my boys, who are well into their teens and beyond, see their mom as a role model living a healthy and abundant life.

How to be the Master of Your Success 

There is that personal belief that success takes hard work. I see this in a lot of my clients who struggle to get ahead, just like I did. But it doesn't have to be hard, just strategic. The Success Model was formed to work with people, like you, to define success the way it was meant for you. You have unique qualities, and need to create a path that is personally defined, so you can experience it in your way. When you're living your personal success model, you'll have the directive to seek out that healthy and abundant life waiting for you. 

Why Coach Christine?

I get what you're going through, and know what it takes to create the successful and fulfilling life you want: a rewarding business or career, a relationship that makes life more enjoyable, and loving life more authentically with simple pleasures and memorable experiences. 
Your coaching experience is supported by my business background including communications, conflict management, customer service, and relationship building. I'm trained in personal development, soft skills, and solution-focused coaching (based on neural linguistic programming) and certified with the International Coaching Federation. For leadership coaching I've studied with Accelerated Coach Excellence coach on advanced leadership skills, and have received an award for non-profit leadership coaching with clients around the world. Currently I'm working on my Sociology major, with a Women and Gender Studies minor, and training for marathon running. 

By first understanding the obstacles, habits and beliefs that keep you from achieving your goals, we can strategically move forward to eliminate and redefine them, so that you can accelerate your success. 
I'm located in Calgary, Alberta and my clients consist of small business owners, executives, leaders, professionals, students, and those looking to experience a better life.  Currently life coaching services are only available online for local and international clients.

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