Hey there! I'm Christine


Living a life of opportunity and abundance is something I thought never existed.

I was wrong.

Allow me be your ally on this journey and work with you to create the life you want. 

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Hey there! I'm Christine

Living a life of opportunity and abundance is something I thought never existed. 

I was wrong.

Allow me to be your Ally in this journey and show you how to create the life you want. 

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I was an ambitious, young business woman who created a life that had it all.  

Then come my 40s, I realized that I worked harder to create the perception of a happy life than authentically live one. Perfect on the outside—unfulfilled and unhappy on the inside.

I was exhausted and run down from an unhappy marriage, stress from trying to be perfect, and the unhealthy choices I made. 

With that I took the leap. I ended a marriage of 13 years, that wasn't working for either of us, even though our three boys were very young.  And I then began to rebuild the life I wanted to live—I rewrote my story, and created a new model of what success means to me.

I committed to making small changes in my life, and be rid of habits and beliefs that no longer served me. And that took much courage and hard work. 

The result was making decisions that worked best for me, and creating relationships that were more engaging and positive—especially with my boys, who are now teens.

I honestly felt happy and fulfilled, even though my life didn't have everything on the checklist—and it wasn't even close to perfect. 

I became more optimistic about the future and the next opportunity it'll bring, and I've experienced better results because of that. That muddled and disrupted feeling that I had dissipated, and I felt more in control in my life than I ever dreamed. 

As an entrepreneur and parent, I understand the dynamics of life's challenges, and also the rewards that can be achieved through subtle change. 

This desire lead me to Solution-focused coaching, that's based on Neuro Linguistic Programming. I've earned designations and certification through Erickson International, and the International Coach Federation. Both organizations with high standards and a strict code of ethics. 

I work with both men and women all over the world, in an online, or an in-person environment here at my office in Calgary, Alberta. We work on making small changes that will lead to more control and fulfillment in both their business and personal life. Much like I've been able to do in mine. 

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Arthy, Business Owner

Christine is one of the most intuitive, compassionate, and knowledgeable individuals I have ever met. She just seems to know what obstacles you face in your life ... before you even tell her! Sometimes, before you even figure it out! Please connect with her - you will be so very glad you did! (Google Review)

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Lesley, Accountant/Business Owner

Christine is masterful at managing a roomful of feisty professionals. She has a beautiful, calm demeanour. Her professionalism shines and she truly is active in community and connection with people. From the moment I met her, I knew she was a person I could trust and like! She is willing to learn new applications, is a life long learner and shares her personal experiences to help her clients understand themselves. (Google Review)

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Christine helped me think through my goals and plans and pressures I was facing. I recommend talking with her. (Google Review)

Jared, Business Owner

A friend can only take you so far, but an ally will move you beyond the finish line. 

Allow me to be your ally.

Christine has both supported and challenged me in achieving my goals and developing my approach to business. She has developed a clear understanding of my challenges and opportunities, she has been available when I need her and been an ally when I needed one. I can strongly recommend Christine and the work she does to help people be the best they can be. (LinkedIn Review)

Matthew, Consultant 

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