Accountability Coaching Program

The Secret to Accelerating Your Personal and Professional Goals

Why Hire An Accountability Coach?

Think of where you are right now... what is it you most desire?

The gap in between where you are today and where you want to go, needs to be filled with a plan to get you to that desired state. Although, all too often along that path there are many distractions that can interfere with getting you to your goal. Accountability coaching is a support system that exposes those obstacles and reduces the distractions so you can accelerate your achievement and live your desires.

Accountability coaching is a super power to do away with excuses and get you reaching your personal and professional goals faster. 

How do you achieve your goals with an accountability coaching program?

Goals require motivation, commitment and yes, accountability! When you have extra support for your academic, personal, business, or career, pursuits you see results much sooner.

Define Your Goals

You have certain personal and professional goals you want to see get off the ground and come to fruition. Our first step is to identify and plan out your path to achieving them. 

Eliminate Obstacles

Everyone has habits and beliefs that interfere with achieving their goals. I help you identify your blocks, develop a success mindset and create a new pattern for success. 

Achieve Targets

As your accountability coach, I help you stay accountable by building success metrics into your journey. This accelerates your personal and professional goals, creates momentum, confidence and results. 

Not quite ready to commit to accountability coaching?

The Goal Success Workbook might be your next step. This 35 page resource contains over 22 tools to help you gain momentum in your academic, career, business and personal goals. You'll achieve:

  • Greater knowledge of what you really want to achieve
  • More defined goals and create steps to success
  • Discover the barriers that have been in your way of achieving goals in the past
  • How to successfully implement and achieve your goals with confidence. 

Download this valuable resource for $29.00 CAN


Drive Your Goals Forward With Goal Intelligence!

Explore 18 pages of information to move your goals in the right direction. Discover why goals fail, and how to increase their success. Learn how to set goals and get a winning start. And then, find ways to motivate yourself and keep your goals on track. Access all this (and more!) in the button below.

"As a student who had recently left high school, tried a college program that wasn't meant for me, and very lost as to what to do next, she helped me clear the fog that held me back from making a plan. At first I felt overwhelmed by all of the things I thought I needed to sort out immediately. With her calm, reassuring demeanour and a positive attitude, she gave me the tools and support I needed to move forward. Christine listened closely to everything I said, the things that were troubling me, what made me happy, and what I wanted to achieve. She gave me not only the tools, but also the confidence to stick by my decisions. Christine was always understanding, motivating, and sincere, and I am grateful that she helped me get to where I am today. "

Gemma Dahl

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Let me help you get on your way to achieving the goals you're so passionate about! During this first conversation, we'll briefly explore your goals and the next step to achieving them. Then you can decide if the accountability coaching is the right choice. 

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