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How To Follow Through With Your Goals In 2022

Following through with your goals is much different in 2022 than it was three years ago. The reason being is that you aren’t as socially connected to others in your circle of friends and colleagues as you were before. 

Not having that accountability from friends and colleagues leaves you to be the one to motivate and drive the direction of your goals.

Why You Depend On Social Circles To Follow Through With Your Goals

When you’re in the presence of others, and I’m talking in-person and not in an online conference call, you are seen by others. And when physically seen, it’s hard to hide that you aren’t on track with your goals. Your non-verbal communication reveals that you haven’t been sticking to your diet, getting up an hour earlier, or making those sales calls. 

So, in the presence of others, you tend to keep to your word, or your commitment to your goals, and follow through with them because you don’t want to look bad. The idea...

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3 Ways Communication Confirms Love & Respect In Your Relationship

When in a relationship you sometimes wonder if it's going as well as it should. The newness has warn off a bit and now you're feeling like it's settling. But you're not sure what it's settling into, and if the love and respect you were first shown still exists.

As you settle into a relationship, communication can start to get lazy. We don't work as hard to be interested in the other, and fail to pay attention to the changes each of you are experiencing as the relationship matures. 

Then months or years go by and you feel like you're less connected. Conversations are reduced to small talk and there seems to be this lack of interest in each other.

The relationship has settled into a comfy existence. 

How to Tell if Your Relationship Is Communicating Love and Respect

Here are three ways that communication can tell us if we're still respected and loved in a relationship, and yes, that it hasn't settled!

  1. Your partner allows you to finish what...
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8 Personal Growth Strategies To Work On For New Relationship Success

The chapter you’re in is coming to an end, and it’s not looking good. Your relationship is over, and you’re feeling like a part of you has left with the one you loved. You’re moving from “we” to “me” and you’re not sure what your life will look like going forward. 

But instead of going right back onto the dating apps, why not do some personal growth work so you’re more complete and available for a new relationship?

It feels right to sooth yourself in a bed of despair, and long for what was. But why not work on repairing and strengthening your position instead? By working on strategies for your personal development you can enter a new relationship more complete and available. Thus, increasing your chances of succeeding with someone new.

How Working On Your Personal Growth Prepares You For A New Relationship

When you move on from a relationship there can be a feeling of loss, resentment, anger, or sadness,...

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Why Your Meaning Of Success Keeps You From Achieving Life Goals & How To Overcome This

If you’re having a hard time achieving life goals your meaning of success maybe what's holding you back. You’re putting in a lot of work to make your personal and professional goals come to fruition, but it seems like you’re putting in a lot of effort with very little results to show for it. 

This gets frustrating and you easily lose your motivation and your momentum to work on your goals. So, in order to make achieving goals easier you need to look at your definition of success. 

How your meaning of success impacts your life goals

When you think of success, what comes to mind?

Many have a set of markers to measure success, that are dictated by your culture, your environment, and the people in it. But success isn’t a one size fits all definition, comprised of certain milestones, or criteria such as, university degree, being married, you own a house, have a nice car, 2.1 kids, or several years dedicated to a career.

Success is more tied to your...

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14 Signs Stress Is Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals

When you’re not comfortable in a certain situation you’ll feel some stress. Good stress is when you give up a bit of control and reach beyond your comfort zone, yet still have the assurance that you can achieve your goals.

Although, when you give up too much control you feel that your freedom is at risk and you begin to worry.

When you ruminate about what could be, in a negative way, this worry and anxiety begins to take over and shows up in your life in different ways. This impacts your success rate for achieving your goals. 

How Achieving Your Goals Is Impacted By The Stress In Your Life

You continue to think that your life is manageable, and ignore or don’t acknowledge the signs that warn you this is too much. Eventually this escalates and you begin to feel overwhelmed.

But how you respond to stress maybe different than how others will.

To help you be aware of the signs that you have too much worry and anxiety in your...

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How To Win Big Clients With These Four Updated Sales Techniques

If you want to win big clients, then you must stop using amateur sales techniques!
The old, over-played sales tactics are insulting to business owners, especially those who have toughed it out over the years. They've survived, or thrived, during the slow and challenging times, and grew in the prosperous times.
These are the important clients you want because they're stable and connected. They can provide a constant stream of income and open up their network to you.
But in order to win them over, you must put away what you learned in the past and update your approach for today's entrepreneur.

Why Updated Sales Techniques Are a Priority To Win Big Clients

Business owners who've endured the ups and downs, and with time, have evolved into a more discerning professional, are approached over and over again by sales people. Throughout the years, they've been subjected to every sales tactic out there—from being told that this product can solve...
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3 Ways To Build A Success Mindset When Facing Big Life Changes

Facing big life changes—a new career, new business, new relationship status, or new job title (positive or negative)—is a significant event in your life. And this requires extra willpower and the work needed to build a success mindset in order to help you transition through it.
Although, if you don't set up some sort of system to manage this change, then you can end up with a disastrous and stressful outcome. 

How Big Life Changes Can Impact You

When a change is significant in your life, especially negative, 
  • You can often feel overwhelmed and stressed
  • You begin to withdraw 
  • You don't show up mentally and physically
  • You become removed and distance yourself from your social circle
  • You don't get your job done at work
If there isn't a plan in place to help you through this transition, it escalates into something unmanageable. But this is preventable if you change your thoughts and behaviour in a...
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5 Ways To Improve Work Performance When Facing Stress At Home

Maintaining a consistent work performance and reaching those targets on a regular basis can be challenging. But when facing stress at home from renovations, family events, or a residential move, this can upset your behaviour at work. 
So how can you stay positive and productive, and not let these extra obligations make you stressed at work too?

How Can You Lessen Stress At Home and Improve Work Performance?

You can't manage the things that are out of your control, but what you can do is organize and manage your thoughts and choices around them. This you have 100% control of, and maintaining this is enough to reduce that stress.
Here are five ways that you can manage extra demands on your life and improve work performance:

Visualize the Outcome Can Shift Your Concentration

When I was in the thick of renovations, stuff was in boxes and it took me more time to find things, and I spent a lot of time dusting and cleaning....

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One Strategy To End Automatic Negative Thoughts And Achieve Your Goals

How do you get rid of the automatic negative thoughts in your mind? These come up as doubtful messages or unsupportive dialogue that keeps you from achieving your goals. It's like your evil twin that doesn't want you to succeed.

You may have experienced, as most everyone does, that when you come up against a challenging or uncomfortable situation there are thoughts that invade your mind and begin to cast doubt on your abilities. These thoughts may also take you down a path of the worst case scenario.

To reduce the impact, or interrupt the course that these automatic negative thoughts create, you have to practice a strategy that will build confidence and start supporting you to achieve your goals. 

When Doubts Become Automatic Negative Thoughts 

Have you noticed that when a doubt enters your mind it sometimes snowballs into a negative storm cloud that hovers over you for hours? It builds on one negative thought after another. Then you find...

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One Simple Mistake Made When You Tackle Big Personal Goals

Why do you fear those big personal goals, especially when you've graduated past your 30s or 40s? Getting an education in the field of study we always wanted, or starting a business from our passion, seems too lofty of a goal to tackle, and completely unreasonable to many.

That's what I thought too!

Now in my 50s, I've decided to end this ridiculousness of being too old, and put aside the thoughts that a four year academic commitment takes too much time!  As I look back, those four years have repeated itself several times. And guess what? I'm still here, and still wanting to go for it.

Focusing on the End Result Is A Simple Mistake For Reaching Big Personal Goals 

Much of what derailed my personal goals was me focusing on the end result. There were so many stories I told myself of how this would consume my life, and four years is a long time! What more can I do with that time?

This kept me from taking the first step. I had the end...

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