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How to build healthy relationships with these 6 steps

We create cycles in our life that have no benefit to us, yet we keep repeating the same situation over and over. Many of those cycles relate to how we communicate with others and they keep us from enjoying healthy relationships. 
In this blog we're going to briefly explore the negative cycles that we allow, and then I'll share six steps to stop those cycles so we can move forward with a more fulfilling life. 
Many of us don't even realize that we participate in cycles, yet once we become aware of our behaviour we'll see where these cycles are present.
Have you experienced the same unfortunate ending to your personal relationships? Or maybe you haven't noticed that you're dating the same type of person, or each relationship lasts only three months, or three dates! 
Perhaps the same debate with your partner keeps coming up, and never gets resolved. We spin our wheels and don't...
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How to become so fierce that we fight for what we want


When we begin to focus on ourselves we have this feeling of importance and value that lifts us. Although, paying attention isn't enough when striving to reach our goals. The next step is to become fierce with our goals and really fight for what we want.

Although, myself included, we often take the easy road and settle. What does settle mean? We give up and rationalize that this isn't important, or we didn't really want it. And yet we did. We have that sinking feeling which can translate into, I'm not important. And that kinda sucks...

In this blog I'm going to address what being fierce is and how we can add it to our life to really support our goals—and achieve them.

Think back to a time when we stopped ourselves from being okay with something and stood up for ourselves to get what we wanted. It could be a job, a relationship, a promotion, or an opportunity of some sort. 

If you don't connect to that experience, that's okay. That will come to you, because...

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How to thrive during the probationary period at a new company

When we start a new position at a company, there's that awkward probationary period that we need to navigate before settling into our chosen role. During this time one of our biggest obstacles can be the judgement from our new colleagues. How do we make them into allies, while we adapt to our new position?
In this blog I'll proved four strategies that will help us settle more easily into our new role, and keep us from stepping on any toes. 
When I was younger, me and my friends would sit on a bench in the mall and observe people as they go by. It was quite entertaining, especially when we'd create stories based on how they looked, acted and what they wore. We'd be very inventive, and have their whole life detailed from career to the type of partner.
Characterizing is what all of us do, consciously or unconsciously. We see someone and based on their appearance we create a story around them....
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How to Avoid that Awkward Moment of Drawing a Blank in a Conversation

If while in a conversation we struggle with thinking of that right word or phrase, at the right time... or the term of that... "what-do-you-call-it?", this can be very frustrating. But there's a small shift we can make to avoid this awkward moment and have us respond more effectively and intelligently. 

In this blog, I'll provide strategies to help us overcome this awkwardness and communicate our worth in front of those we want to impress

When having a conversation with another, we might be challenged to come up with the right response, and draw a blank. We frantically search our mind for the term, or detail, only to come up empty. That right word is somewhere in the depths of our mind—on the tip of our tongue, but refuses to come out when we want it most. The frustration we feel makes finding those words even worse.

Then finally... after an hour, or even 10 minutes, those thoughts suddenly appear. Unfortunately,...

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5 Ways that will Empower You when Feeling You Lost Control


Much stress in our life is because we feel we lost control—someone else is steering our ship and this makes us feel powerless. In this blog, I'll show you five activities you can implement now, to empower you and reduce that feeling you lost control.

Just the thought of someone else telling us what we can and can't do may make us angry, and then we immediately conclude that our freedom is at risk. 

When we have the feeling that we lost control of our life we try to compensate for this lack of control by preying on those who will allow it. The unfortunate consequence is that controlling someone else can deteriorate that relationship. Trust is at stake, and they'll distance themselves.

Eventually we'll begin to lose the people that are important in our life. 

That feeling of losing control, is just that—a feeling. Thoughts of what could be, lean towards negative ruminating when we feel our freedom is...

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5 Ways that'll Get You Noticed by People you Want to Impress


Tell me more about yourself? This is a challenging question for many, especially when we're sitting across from a person we want to impress. What to say, or not to say? How much detail is too much detail? What answer are they looking for?

By the end of this blog, you'll have a good idea of what to say to a person you want to impress so their attention is on you. As well, some activities to have that person remember you long after the conversation is over. 

As we sit across from the one we want to impress, and listening to thoughts in our head of what to say, we miss out on the nuances of the conversation. Then instead of adding to the conversation we end up detracting it. The responses we give maybe agreeable, general and vague, and not contributing much at all. 

By being quiet or reserved you may come across as hiding something, or uncertain, or indecisive, or uninterested. This signal can have the other person wondering if they can trust you, or...

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Here's One Valuable Tool that will Boost Your Worth


Lately we've been experiencing much disappointment and loss from this pandemic and it's taking a toll on our wellbeing. But for many is also having us question our worth, and the value of our contribution. 

Many of us have been let go at work, and others have had to reinvent their business. Both of these circumstances have us needing to recreate ourselves, and with that comes much uncertainty. 

At the best of times, we're battling some sort of judgement, and this can have us discounting our worth. But what's worse, is when we believe what the nay sayers are telling us—or what we assume they're thinking. And when we do that, we fail to support ourselves 100%.

We try to interpret the words or actions of others, and as we take that message into our mind, we translate it into whatever we want. But when that message isn't certain, and the meaning unclear, we most often translate it into something negative.

We naturally go...

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5 Ways that will Increase Your Control and Make Isolation Positive


With the limitations we currently have while in isolation, we often feel like we're relinquishing control. When we begin to try to control other people and their actions, this is a sign that we don't feel in control of our life.

Before this need to control starts to push people away, we need to change the way we think and carry out our actions. 

It may feel like we're compromising our freedom—we can't go to social events, we have to maintain social distancing at the grocery store, we can only buy one item at a time, the kids don't have access to the playground... I'm sure there are many other places you've found where you're feeling limited. And every time you turn on the news there are more restrictions.

I want to help you get back in the driver's seat and in control of your life to make this isolation much more positive!

Here are 5 ways to have you feeling more in control of your life and having a positive experience in isolation:

  1. Create Rituals or Routines.

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5 Ways to Stop Extra Demands from Ruining Performance at Work

Maintaining a consistent performance at work and reaching those targets on a regular basis can be challenging. But when we add stress from extra demands, like home renovations, family events or moving homes, this can ruin our performance at work. 
So how can you stay positive and organized, and not let these extra obligations make you stressed?
Many times we can't organize the mess and manage the things that are out of our control, but what we can do is to organize and manage our thoughts and choices around them. This we have 100% control of, and that's enough to reduce that stress.
Here are five ways that you can stop extra demands on your life from ruining your performance at work:
  1. Visualize how you'd like the situation to look. When I was in the thick of renovations, stuff was in boxes and it took me more time to find things, and I spent a lot of time dusting and cleaning. It was a huge mess all the time! But as I...
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Recover After Losing your Cool with One Simple Question

One of the worst displays of emotion in any environment is when you lose control of a situation, and you're struggling to regain it—yes, you lost your cool! 
You're outraged and on an escalated rant because something isn't going the way it should be, and it's going horribly wrong.
Read on to find out how to recover right after losing your cool, and move from stuck to solving with this one simple question. 
There were times when I'd be faced with one bad incident after another. I'd reach my breaking point, and would go into a fit of rage. Yes, I had enough, and anyone in my way would suffer the wrath of Christine—colleagues, employees, friends and family... even strangers weren't safe.
Have you experienced this, or seen this in someone else?
Maybe on the phone with the supplier for a late delivery, or for the wrong item that you really counted on. Or at your store, or office with your employee for...
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