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How to make it a positive work environment with negative people

Working with negative people isn't good for your health. It adds stress to your day, disrupts your productivity, makes you grumpy, and if you bring it home, that spreads to your family like a virus. All because of this one person at work who makes their problems, your problems.
Creating a positive work environment is important since you may not have the power to fire that person. Nor have the option to shout, "I quit!" and walk out that door leaving misery in the rear view mirror of your car, as you drive away.
Have you ever been told, "the grass isn't greener on the other side?" This is telling you that no matter where you go, you're going to be confronted with the same problem, unless you figure out how to deal with it.
So let's deal with it!
By discovering what's behind the negative behaviour, we can create actions to move you towards a more positive work environment. The best thing is—it's in your control.
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How to get more loyal customers that will promote business growth

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2019
If your business isn't growing at a steady rate then it's quite possible that you're unintentionally sending your customers to your competition. Let's create a plan to have them be loyal to you. 
With the abundance of options out there for clients to fulfill their needs, the business owner must find ways to connect on a different level and set themselves apart. The best way to do that is to understand how a person transitions into a loyal customer, and develop a plan to create value in each of those stages. This applies to online, and bricks and mortar businesses. 
Gone are the times of one-size-fits-all promotion—did that ever really work? Or pushing that impulsive product on the customer as they're paying for their purchases. Now, what's the impression that we're leaving with that customer as they exit your office, website or store? And will they want to return?
Let's look at a...
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How to Position your Perfectionist Employee as an Amazing Asset

Do you have an employee who tends to take over a project, or doesn't take feedback well? Or corrects others in mid sentence? If so, you most likely have a perfectionist employee, and need to read on before this starts to affect your business. Or has it already?
By understanding the habits and antics of a perfectionist employee you can position that person to be an amazing asset. The alternative is to employ someone who will cause delays in productivity, add stress to other employees, and upset team dynamics.
Working with a perfectionist employee can be an awesome asset if you understand how they think and work.
When we think of a perfectionist we visualize someone in our life who has it all together, is 100% accurate, reliable, and can be trusted to produce flawless results, because they're perfect. And that's the way they want to be seen.
What if I told you that the cost of employing a perfectionist may include delays in productivity,...
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How to boost your chances of changing your career at 50

career self-improvement Oct 11, 2019
Is there something that you're passionate about, and making this change is incredibly exciting, yet you can't gain momentum? Do you wonder if changing careers at 50 is too risky? Well, let's change your thoughts on that, and get you moving forward with more success.
Sometimes we trip over our own feet in an effort to make this big change, especially when we're at that gorgeous age of 50. We have thoughts of being not good enough, not smart enough, or talented enough. So, I'm going to share with you some insights that will boost your chances of success—insight I wished I had when I wanted to change careers.
Let's start with you and your story.
Many times the story you create for yourself is filled with obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals. But what if you rewrote that story exactly the way you want it to look, where do those obstacles go?
The story I'm talking about is the one we create about...
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