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How better decisions are made by doing these three things

When have you made some of the worst decisions in your life? This can be committing to something you shouldn't have, or acting out in ways that isn't like your normal behaviour. 

We all have those moments when we give into a request and say yes, instead of no. Or say or do something that we wish we hadn't. Then have to sort out the mess the next day, or try to figure out how our schedule will handle this new commitment.

Making decisions is one of the most important skills in our life. One we practice over and over again, starting from the time we're born, and we progressively getting better at strengthening this skill as we mature.

But sometimes we have set backs and make bad decisions that aren't good for us. Most of these regrettable decisions can often be linked to our state of being at that time. We're tired, upset, intoxicated, overly optimistic, stressed, lonely, etc.  

When we're in one of these states our awareness is reduced and we're not reflecting...

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How to look confident while responding to critics and nosy people

How do you respond to negative feedback, criticism, and nosy people? Most of us, and most times, we want to tell them where to go. Although, it's a bit tougher when it's your boss, coworker, customer, relative or a friend. So we resort to biting our tongue, ignoring them, or changing the subject.

Not anymore!

In this blog, we’ll cover 3 areas of communication that will help you look confident when responding to the uncomfortable or awkward conversations.

  1. How to prepare your mind for difficult conversations with those in your life
  2. Restore your power when face to face with negative feedback 
  3. Critical responses to overcome obstacles and boost your confidence

How to prepare your mind for difficult conversations

  1. Keep yourself from allowing past experiences to predict how the conversation will go.

    People change every moment—even slightly—and learn something new within those moments. Realistically, we can’t expect the same conversation to go in the same...
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3 steps to onboard new customers at your boutique business

business communication Aug 14, 2020

We often talk about onboarding our new employees, but have you ever considered using a similar approach to new customers?

Having a system to onboard new customers can increase your business's retention rate, repeat business and referrals. In this blog, let's look at how three steps will improve customer engagement, especially at a boutique type business.

If we consider something that we've tried for the first time, such as getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, there are many things to familiarize ourselves with. The position of the controls, adjustment of the seat, and then the sensitivity of the brakes and gas pedal. But the more we get behind the wheel, the more that the feeling of anxiousness subsides. We feel relaxed and know our way around.

This is the same experience when someone visits your store. At first they don't know what to expect, or where to locate things, but after the second or third time visiting they feel more comfortable and more...

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How to thrive during the probationary period at a new company

When we start a new position at a company, there's that awkward probationary period that we need to navigate before settling into our chosen role. During this time one of our biggest obstacles can be the judgement from our new colleagues. How do we make them into allies, while we adapt to our new position?
In this blog I'll proved four strategies that will help us settle more easily into our new role, and keep us from stepping on any toes. 
When I was younger, me and my friends would sit on a bench in the mall and observe people as they go by. It was quite entertaining, especially when we'd create stories based on how they looked, acted and what they wore. We'd be very inventive, and have their whole life detailed from career to the type of partner.
Characterizing is what all of us do, consciously or unconsciously. We see someone and based on their appearance we create a story around them....
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How to Avoid that Awkward Moment of Drawing a Blank in a Conversation

If while in a conversation we struggle with thinking of that right word or phrase, at the right time... or the term of that... "what-do-you-call-it?", this can be very frustrating. But there's a small shift we can make to avoid this awkward moment and have us respond more effectively and intelligently. 

In this blog, I'll provide strategies to help us overcome this awkwardness and communicate our worth in front of those we want to impress

When having a conversation with another, we might be challenged to come up with the right response, and draw a blank. We frantically search our mind for the term, or detail, only to come up empty. That right word is somewhere in the depths of our mind—on the tip of our tongue, but refuses to come out when we want it most. The frustration we feel makes finding those words even worse.

Then finally... after an hour, or even 10 minutes, those thoughts suddenly appear. Unfortunately,...

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5 Ways that will Increase Your Control and Make Isolation Positive


With the limitations we currently have while in isolation, we often feel like we're relinquishing control. When we begin to try to control other people and their actions, this is a sign that we don't feel in control of our life.

Before this need to control starts to push people away, we need to change the way we think and carry out our actions. 

It may feel like we're compromising our freedom—we can't go to social events, we have to maintain social distancing at the grocery store, we can only buy one item at a time, the kids don't have access to the playground... I'm sure there are many other places you've found where you're feeling limited. And every time you turn on the news there are more restrictions.

I want to help you get back in the driver's seat and in control of your life to make this isolation much more positive!

Here are 5 ways to have you feeling more in control of your life and having a positive experience in isolation:

  1. Create Rituals or Routines.

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How to Position your Perfectionist Employee as an Amazing Asset

Do you have an employee who tends to take over a project, or doesn't take feedback well? Or corrects others in mid sentence? If so, you most likely have a perfectionist employee, and need to read on before this starts to affect your business. Or has it already?
By understanding the habits and antics of a perfectionist employee you can position that person to be an amazing asset. The alternative is to employ someone who will cause delays in productivity, add stress to other employees, and upset team dynamics.
Working with a perfectionist employee can be an awesome asset if you understand how they think and work.
When we think of a perfectionist we visualize someone in our life who has it all together, is 100% accurate, reliable, and can be trusted to produce flawless results, because they're perfect. And that's the way they want to be seen.
What if I told you that the cost of employing a perfectionist may include delays in productivity,...
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