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  • Christine Hourd

14 Signs Stress Is Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals

When you’re not comfortable in a certain situation you’ll feel some stress. Good stress is when you give up a bit of control and reach beyond your comfort zone, yet still have the assurance that you can achieve your goals.

Although, when you give up too much control you feel that your freedom is at risk and you begin to worry.

When you ruminate about what could be, in a negative way, this worry and anxiety begins to take over and shows up in your life in different ways. This impacts your success rate for achieving your goals.

How Achieving Your Goals Is Impacted By The Stress In Your Life

You continue to think that your life is manageable, and ignore or don’t acknowledge the signs that warn you this is too much. Eventually this escalates and you begin to feel overwhelmed.

But how you respond to stress maybe different than how others will.

To help you be aware of the signs that you have too much worry and anxiety in your life, I’ll share the different ways that people respond to stress and how this can show up. If you recognize any of these signs, this would be a good opportunity to participate in a couple of coaching sessions to get you back on track.

14 Ways People Respond To Excessive Amounts Of Stress

1. Weight Fluctuations. This can mean gaining or losing weight. Bottom line: you're neglecting your personal needs.

2. Outbursts of Anger. You try to control the situation when you feel cornered from lack of choice.

3. Outbreak of Acne. Your system is disrupted and hormones unbalanced when you experience stress.

4. Hair Loss. Many women go through hair loss after having a baby, and not only are you faced with an imbalance in hormones, you also experience a lot of stress that can result in hair loss. Men can also experience hair loss with a dramatic change in their life. High amounts of worry and anxiety can cause eyelashes and eyebrows to thin out too.

5. Loss of Motivation. You may experience a loss of motivation or drive when faced with too many negative responses from finding a job, or dating. When you give up on your goals you begin to question our worth, and stop trying.

6. Feeling Depressed. If you experience a loss in your life, there's this feeling that part of you is missing. An emptiness and loneliness that has you wondering if life has any meaning. If you continue to see too many negative experiences, like loss or disappointment, you begin to see your whole life looking like this.

7. Pains in Your Body. Many times showing up as pains in your stomach or abdomen and can also be tension in your shoulders.

8. Skin Discolouration. Dark patches can appear anywhere on your face and are referred to as hyperpigmentation. Stress causes a disruption in our hormones and this is one of the possible effects of it.

9. Loss of Focus. When you're distracted, more than usual, you're more in your thoughts than in the moment. This distraction keeps you from focusing on what is important in that moment.

10. Getting Into Accidents. Rear ending another vehicle, jeopardize safety at work, breaking dishes, bumping into other people—is a result of when your mind is consumed with worry.

11. Relationship Breakdowns. As you let worry take over, you stop listening and communicating with your partner. You're trying to solve a problem that you feel you should be able to solve, and this worry ends up distancing you from your life and the people in it.

12. Lack Productivity. Having too much going on can have you feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. Instead you do very little.

13. Increased Procrastination. Continuing to put something off ends up taking up more space in your mind. Then you feel increased pressure to complete the task. As you begin to exaggerate the outcome in a negative way this procrastination leads to anxiety.

14. Sleepless Nights. When you struggle to fall asleep at the end of the day, you're still wrestling with thoughts of worry, fear of the future, unsolved issues, and lack of direction.

How Coaching Can Reduce Worry In Your Life and Help You To Achieve Your Goals

Solution-focused coaching doesn’t dig up reasons why these signs are occurring, or who's to blame. We'll explore ways to make your life healthier and reduce stress that keeps you from enjoying your life. Most clients experience change within the first three sessions, and begin to get back on the right track to achieving the life they want to live.

You often put more emphasis on the success of your physical appearance, but your mental wellbeing is the foundation of overall good health and happiness.

Negative Impact Stress Can Have On Your Life

  • Poor immune system - longer recovery rate, and more susceptible to decease

  • Time off work for illness or other medical problems

  • Losing your job because of lack of productivity and poor performance

  • Ending relationships because of anger or distancing ourselves

  • Decreased social contact because of poor appearance or lack of engagement

  • Unable to make decisions in a timely manor, or making poor choices

  • Unable to have a relationship because of disappointing experiences

Managing the negative thoughts in your life is key to achieving success in your goals. It's also key to a long and healthy life.

Christine is a certified success and leadership life coach, located in Calgary, Alberta. She helps her clients, online and in person, determine the roadblocks that add stress in their life, and create strategies to dissolve them, so the client can enjoy a more fulfilling life. Talk to Christine and find out how the Success Mastery Program can help you reach your goals.

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Blog Writer and Personal Life Coach, Christine Hourd

Christine is a certified life coach living in Calgary, Alberta. She offers a unique combination of personal accountability coaching and lifestyle coaching to help clients improve accountability and reach their goals faster, as well, create a more satisfying and rewarding lifestyle with work life balance. 

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