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  • Christine Hourd

3 Ways To Build A Success Mindset When Facing Big Life Changes

Facing big life changes—a new career, new business, new relationship status, or new job title (positive or negative)—is a significant event in your life. And this requires extra willpower and the work needed to build a success mindset in order to help you transition through it. Although, if you don't set up some sort of system to manage this change, then you can end up with a disastrous and stressful outcome.

How Big Life Changes Can Impact You

When a change is significant in your life, especially negative,

  • You can often feel overwhelmed and stressed

  • You begin to withdraw

  • You don't show up mentally and physically

  • You become removed and distance yourself from your social circle

  • You don't get your job done at work

If there isn't a plan in place to help you through this transition, it escalates into something unmanageable. But this is preventable if you change your thoughts and behaviour in a positive way.

Why Self-Care Is Necessary To Build A Success Mindset

When your plans don't go the way you hoped, you wonder: what am I going to do now? First, you must begin to reach out and connect with people you count on. People who will just listen and support you. Without that support it's challenging to keep your mind from ruminating on the worst outcome. Without that support you risk giving up on your goals... and on yourself.

Self-care is and always will be, or should be, your number one priority—mentally, physically, and emotionally. Once you make that your priority then you become the strongest player in your court and transition becomes more fluid. Having the external support and accountability from others helps you to shift from victim, to surviver, and then to achiever.

How Stressful Relationships Keep You From Achieving Ambitious Goals

A couple of years before my divorce, I was struggling to start my business. I knew my marriage wasn't working the way I hoped, but stuck with it because I made that vow. Although, the real reason was because I didn't want to be seen as a failure. At the time, I saw divorce as a mark on myself that made me feel like a failure.

While trying to make something of my marriage my business was being neglected, and in ways that I didn't understand at that time. Yes, I was working on my business, but my mind was unsettled and distracted by the constant pull to address my personal dilemma. That indecision caused much stress in my life, and had me stuck in a state that was unproductive and full of disappointment.

Once it became clear what I needed to do and make that important change in my life, my mind was free. I was able to focus on my business and witnessed it soar to a surprising level. I think back at how much time I wasted struggling with that decision. I wished I had more compassion for myself that would help me see with more clarity what wasn't working.

Anna Wintour, Editor and Chief of Vogue magazine said, "When things feel dark, don't retreat. Engage and lead with purpose."

How to Reduce Stress When Transitioning Through Big Life Changes

To get you through a transition, don't go it alone. Get support when building a business, starting a new job, or transitioning into a new relationship status—divorced, single or widowed. You need tools to manage your stress, and support yourself. Any transition will have a certain level of stress. Although, this isn't evident until you notice how much it's really effecting you, the people around you, and your job.

"Change before you have to," is a credo that both businesses and people would find worthwhile adopting. It's best to get in front of the situation rather than reacting to the issues that arises from not being prepared.

3 Ways To Manage Stress And Build A Success Mindset During A Transition

  1. Reach out to people in your network, and identify who you want in your court. These people become your accountability partners. Approach them and fill them in on what's going on.

  2. Make a list of resources to help you get through this transition, and use them. This consists of books, coaches, mentors, and support groups.

  3. Write out a list of why you're a priority. What are your strengths, why do people count on you, and what are you destined to create in the future?

Change is inevitable. Change can be stressful. But change is also an opportunity to grow, connect and inspire.

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Christine is a certified success and leadership coach located in Calgary, Alberta. She helps clients reduce stress and achieve greater success when managing significant life changes. Talk to Christine and find out how the Success Mastery Program can help you reach your goals.

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