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How Pursuing Ambitious Professional Goals Can Gain Respect At Work

Have you been told that by pursing your professional goals, it may come across as being too ambitious? And that being too ambitious is not a positive characteristic in the workplace culture, and may come across as greedy?

It's good to let others be in the spotlight for their achievements, but in no way should you be downplaying your skill set and your desire to achieve those ambitious professional goals for the sake of others. You should be doing the opposite and gain respect and admiration of your colleagues instead.

There's A Cost To Not Pursuing Your Ambitious Professional Goals

The belief that ambition equates to greed may have kept you from pursing the career that you would love. That awareness makes you want to be fair to others, and even though you are fully qualified to be offered the promotion or job, you play small and settle for second best.

When you support yourself, you have this feeling of importance and value that lifts you. Although, you have been programmed to support others first, and you second. You might often take the less conflicting route and allow others to succeed, giving up on your goals, and settle.

What does settle mean? You rationalize that this isn't important, or you didn't really want it. And yet you did! You have that sinking feeling which can translate into, my goals are not important. And that kinda really sucks!

When You Need To Make Your Professional Goals A Priority

Think back to a time when you stopped yourself from being okay with losing out, and stood up for yourself to get what you wanted. It could be a job, a relationship, a promotion, or an opportunity of some sort.

What were those first thoughts before you made the decision?

It might have being tired of stepping aside so others can have the relationship, or the job, or the promotion. You want it too! It may also be that you recognize the value you possess and that you deserve to be happy, and successful, and respected.

If you continue to allow this settling to take place, you're also allowing others to take what you want. You're telling yourself that you aren't important.

Does the person you stepped aside for have far more value than you have?

How Self-Respect and Personal Support Influences Your Value

When I think of that statement it makes me feel sad, and a bit angry too. Why would someone who is "supporting" themselves, see others as more important?

The answer: you weren't really supporting yourself in an authentic way. You don't trust yourself 100%, or believe in yourself 100%. You continue to question your abilities and commitment. You continue to tell yourself that you support your goals, yet you don't show it.

If worrying about what others will think and say keeps you from taking action and going after what you want, then that's a clear sign that you aren't supporting yourself 100%. When you personally don't support yourself or have self-respect, that also tells others you don't value yourself either.

How can You Support Yourself and Gain Respect At Work

This feeling of fighting for what you want is so powerful. It's like your army instantly materializes behind you. You feel stronger, more determined and focused.

As you begin to notice these acts of genuine self-support and how it gives this positive feeling, it becomes an addiction and you want more of it. The value that you place on yourself is higher than those around you.

You can't feel bad about this! If you can't support yourself 100%, and if you can't be fierce and fight for what you want to achieve, then you can't set the example for others that you care about. Achieving your goals is something that is admired and worth respecting.

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Christine Hourd, ACC is a certified professional success and leadership coach in Calgary, Alberta. She works with clients to remove obstacles and create strategies to reach their personal and professional goals. Contact Christine to find out how Accountability Coaching can help you make progress in your goals.

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