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  • Christine Hourd

How To Win Big Clients With These Four Updated Sales Techniques

If you want to win big clients, then you must stop using amateur sales techniques! The old, over-played sales tactics are insulting to business owners, especially those who have toughed it out over the years. They've survived, or thrived, during the slow and challenging times, and grew in the prosperous times. These are the important clients you want because they're stable and connected. They can provide a constant stream of income and open up their network to you. But in order to win them over, you must put away what you learned in the past and update your approach for today's entrepreneur.

Why Updated Sales Techniques Are a Priority To Win Big Clients

Business owners who've endured the ups and downs, and with time, have evolved into a more discerning professional, are approached over and over again by sales people. Throughout the years, they've been subjected to every sales tactic out there—from being told that this product can solve all their problems, to making them feel as though they'll lose out if they don't act now!

Yes, they've probably heard every scripted sales pitch, and they most likely used them when they first started out in the sales trenches. The business owner has become more sensitive to the various approaches, and can detect one coming within the first few words you speak on the phone. And if you're thinking of emailing them, your subject line can deter them from opening it, and worse, your email sent to the trash bin.

3 Examples Of How Your Sales Pitch Can Lose A Client

Recently, I was approached by the senior executive producer of a radio station. He asked me to do a segment that would involve me answering questions of their call-in listeners. He shared extensive details of how the program worked, and how they would support me. There was a small fee to cover marketing the program, which was fine. Although, when I told him I'd like to review my business plan and schedule to see if it would be a good fit, he immediately went from a senior executive producer to a desperate salesperson. Here's where he went wrong:

1. Unnecessarily Reducing The Price Of Your Product Or Service

Even though I told him I understood the value of the fees, the moment he felt he was at risk of not securing a sale, then and there, he offered to reduce the price. He made it seem as though he was doing me a favour by giving me a deal—instead he revealed there was even more flexibility in the price. The only thing was, price wasn't the issue! It was time. If he would have taken the time to listen to what my concern was, he wouldn't have to devalue the offer.

2. Don't Force A Decision By Creating A False Sense Of Urgency

When I told him I needed to get back to him after reviewing my business plan and schedule, he created a sense of urgency. He told me that this spot won't last and if I call back, even tomorrow, it might be gone. Not giving me the opportunity to figure out how I can incorporate something like this into my business, had me go to the safest decision and decline his offer. This became a sales pitch and not a business relationship that he sold me on earlier.

3. Using FOMO Can Make The Client Not Want To Work With You

Throughout the conversation he mentioned several times how much value I can give to their audience and how confident he was that I would be a success. Once I told him that I wanted to take the time to consider it, the radio station suddenly had other guests to fill that slot. Did I feel valued? Not anymore. Building relationships in business has much to do with how you make the other person feel. People won't buy from those who don't make them feel valued.

That senior executive producer was telling me everything I wanted to hear to get me to do the show. Then once he introduced the amateur sales tactics, he was reduced to a mere salesperson, and the incredibly attractive door of opportunity to leave, suddenly opened.

How to align yourself with the biggest customers

I love this quote from Simon Sinek: "There are only two ways to influence human behaviour; you can manipulate it or you can inspire it." Amateurs manipulate. Professionals inspire.

Authentic, purpose driven business owners are the ones who will be around for years to come, because they know how to fulfill their customer's needs. Creating a business relationship with them that is aligned with their values will create a win-win experience.

Four Updated Sales Techniques To Win Big Clients

When wanting to win over that big client, you must:

1. Learn what your potential client's values are and align with them.

You can find this by researching the company, and finding out what their mission statement is. On social media what do they support and participate in?

2. Create an environment where they can like and trust you.

Soon enough they'll want to partner with you. How do you do this? Be authentic, consistent and reliable—that's what builds trust in business.

3. Give them the information, space and time to make a decision.

Business owners may jump at a deal for a relaxing vacation, but when it comes to changing suppliers, enhancing systems, or offering a new product, there are many components to consider, and that takes time.

4. Listen to the potential client and what their needs are.

If you can't fulfill those needs, connect them with someone who will. If you make their life easier and save them time, they'll find ways to help your business.

How do you establish a business relationship?

Before approaching your next client understand what you value about business relationships. Is it trust? Honesty? Loyalty? Compassion? Communication? Ethics? Ecological? Responsible? Once you understand what your values are, you'll look for these in other businesses, and thus create a positive, authentic alignment and a successful relationship.

Know that cultivating relationships takes time. If you're in it for the long run then this type of professionalism creates value in the mind of the business owner, and this is priceless. Although, if you approach a business person with amateur, out-dated sales tactics, you're just a mere salesperson with, at best, single sale transactions—no repeat business.

Christine is a certified success and leadership life coach in Calgary, Alberta who assists business owners and professionals in improving their business relationships and improving sales. Contact Christine to find out how Accountability Coaching can help you make progress in your goals.

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