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  • Christine Hourd

How You Can Gain Control of A Fast-Paced Lifestyle and Reduce Stress

Do you often feel rushed, or like you're always multi-tasking? This is a sign that you've been roped into a fast-paced lifestyle and need to gain control. Don't worry, you're not the only one. We all get lured into this spell-bounding, hurry up and don't fall behind, way of being... at one point or another.

Although, what I would worry about is if you're always in a state of top speed to get ahead, or merely to keep up. This can lead to missed opportunities and more stress, that results in reduced productivity and thus, lost income! Not a good situation for those who strive to be successful.

But there's a way to get out of the fast-paced lifestyle and reduce stress before it starts to effect your health, and that's by slowing down.

How Does Slowing Down a Fast-Paced Lifestyle Make More Money?

When you slow down, you're able to focus on the task at hand and become more productive and efficient. You experience more joy and contentment in each moment. Your creativeness is heightened and you become more aware of opportunities, and those opportunities turn into money!

To slow down, you need to start building awareness. You must acknowledge that this fast-paced life that you've become accustomed to has built up over the years. To slow down, you need to break up that habit and start to undo what you've created.

Building awareness involves observing your behaviour. Where was my mind when I was driving my car? How was I feeling when talking to my employee? What was I thinking when looking for my keys? And what was I doing when I stubbed my toe?

If you're experiencing a string of accidents or missed opportunities, this means you have low self-control. Your mind becomes distracted, you lack focus, and opportunities escape you when you live a high-paced life.

To Gain Control and Reduce Stress You Need To Practice Three Things

1. Create Standards in Your Life

Lessen that scattered feeling by creating standards in your life. This includes how you want to show up, the goals you want to achieve, and what's expected of you. This creates a foundation to check in with when you start to get back into those old habits.

2. Monitor Your Behaviour

Notice when you feel distracted and why. As well, when you feel anxious and need to reduce stress in your life. Then course correct and slow down, instead of letting that behaviour overtake your thoughts.

3. Increase Your Willpower

When changing your behaviour you must have the energy to do so. Stress, anxiety, and taking on too much depletes your willpower. Find ways to recharge when exhaustion sets in.

How Self-Respect Increases As You Gain Control of Your Life

When you get sucked into the fast-paced lifestyle, your environment and the people in it begin to control you, instead of you having control of your life. Once you begin to gain control of your behaviour you increase your self-respect and start setting boundaries.

With high self-control you reduce stress and anxiety because there's less worry about what will happen. You are focused on what's going on right now.

The process of slowing down allows you to get further ahead, and also live a more fulfilled life, but it requires this self-control. Something many of us have heard of, yet are not aware of how to manage it.

Having self-control allows for calm in your life and the structure to experience opportunities. You enjoy more free time, and your stress, worry and anxiety is minimized.

Professor Roy Baumeister, social and personality psychologist of Queensland University says that when people have high self-control they succeed more, earn higher salaries, are more popular, have stable relationships, and have better mental and physical health.

What Is The Cost Of Continuing To Live In A High-Paced Environment

Many are conditioned to believe that working faster and harder will create better results. When those results don't come quick enough they try to manipulate or control the situation. Have you ever emailed a proposal to a client in the morning and feel you have to contact them to make sure they received it, even though only an hour has passed? Or if at a restaurant you check your watch as you wait for the server to bring your drinks?

The thoughts that run through your mind that the client rejected your offer, or the server is ignoring you, distracts you from being present. You become consumed with those negative thoughts, and when you aren't present you're not seeing what's going on in front of you. Many times you make mistakes, miss opportunities, or worse, get into accidents, when you have low self-control.

By practicing self-control, you're investing in a lifestyle that's enjoyable and abundant. No longer are you a slave to others, or your environment.

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Christine Hourd is a certified professional success and leadership life coach in Calgary, Alberta. She works with clients, online and in-person, to remove obstacles and create strategies to help manage a busy schedule and lower stress. Talk to Christine and find out how the Success Mastery Program can help you reach your goals.

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Christine is a certified life coach living in Calgary, Alberta. She offers a unique combination of personal accountability coaching and lifestyle coaching to help clients improve accountability and reach their goals faster, as well, create a more satisfying and rewarding lifestyle with work life balance. 

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