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Why Personal Development?

Why Personal Development, Instead of Business Coaching?

When you’re not achieving your professional goals in your business, the first place to naturally look is to improve your business. That’s what I thought too.


I spent a lot of money in the past on business coaches… over $700 per month for two business coaching sessions and a bunch of tools to track my progress (this was 10 years ago, so it’s much higher now). The tools were useful and the professional coach was top quality.


Although after working with a business coach for a year and a half, my small business was plateauing and I wasn’t making any progress. The advice from my business coach seemed to be the same thing over and over again… use the tools and implement these steps. This was discouraging since I was doing what my coach was telling me to do, but not seeing any results.


I was starting to feel like my coach was holding the puppet strings and I was the puppet. In other words, I was beginning to feel like my business was being run by a manual filled with general knowledge and practices from Business 101 that can be applied to any business.


I was starting to feel like I was too dependent on my coach to grow my small business.


Near the end of the year and a half of business coaching, I came to a realization that the value of the business coaching had come to an end. I had all the information and knowhow from my coach and several seminars, books, conferences, and discussions from other small business owners.


What else can be holding me back from growing my business?


That’s when I started to look at me, the business owner. This was an element missing from traditional business coaching.


As I moved my focus to personal development I began to see growth in my business.


  • I improved my accountability to my goals by having them personally defined.
  • I became more courageous and confident in front of customers by improving my communication skills.
  • I became more grounded by clearly defining who I was as a person and who I wanted to be as a business owner, and identified with that person.
  • I had more satisfied clients when I understood them on a deeper level by being an active listener.
  • I gained more clients when I stopped stressing about the next pay check, and instead on how I can better improve the lives of others.
  • My decision making became clear and succinct when I knew what my standards were, as well, when I aligned with my values and purpose.
  • I worried less and my health improved as I committed myself to a more balanced lifestyle.
  • As my stress levels declined, my personal relationships grew stronger.
  • As my communication skills improved, my conversations with other people became more relaxed and enjoyable.


By continually focusing on personal development my lifestyle improved and my small business naturally followed. I had all the business tools and knowledge, I just needed to align them with my unique personal qualities.


This is the key to success mastery.


Most of my clientele are small business owners, executives and professionals in management positions, because I relate to them and the broad spectrum of obstacles they run into. Although when it comes to personal development this is something that will benefit anyone who is wanting to improve their lifestyle and reach their personal relationship goals, fitness, health and career.


If you relate to this experience and you're ready to make change in your life, then you're ready to start personal life coaching. The next step is to book an appointment and start seeing positive results in your life. This is a small investment for big results! See you soon!

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